Standing Tree to Standing Home Program

Standing Tree to Standing Home is the Frontiers Foundation Manitoba’s banner program and how we are identified by the public. This year we partnered with CMHC and Red River Community College to produce curriculum with 5 Modules covering the whole process. Red River College has completed the curriculum development (5 courses) including course outlines, skills checklists and tests. This curriculum was presented to Ontario and Quebec at the December meeting in Toronto and they also wish to pilot it there. This means translation into French for the Kitcisakik community. Frontiers Foundation Logos will both be displayed on all curriculum.

The Standing Tree to Standing Home Certificate program is comprised of five progressive modules each with Objectives and Skill Competency Checklists, and Written Tests.




Forestry Practice


Core competencies required to apply safe forestry practices while operating a chainsaw, felling trees and operating a skidder. This knowledge will promote responsible forestry procedures and practices.
Milling Lumber


Core competencies required to apply safe and accurate sawmill practices including production of various dimensions of lumber, evaluating lumber grade,   sticker and dry piling lumber, checking for moisture content, and producing value added materials such as manufactured siding.
Foundations and Footings


Provides students with skills to apply building codes, interpret blueprints, prepare the ground in preparation to build footings, construct footing forms, install vapour barriers, mix and pour concrete. Students will also build a foundation and floor, pony walls, lay floor joists, install bridging and plywood flooring.
Wall and Roof Construction


This course provides students with skills to apply building codes, build walls, rough in plumbing and construct a cathedral and truss roof. Students will also learn how to install rafters, vapour barriers, insulation and shingles.


Provides students with skills to apply building codes, build a deck, stain and treat exterior wood, drywall prime and paint interior walls, build stairs, arrange for door, window and cabinet installation, and assist with landscaping.
* Instructional Hours does not include all the practice time at the various work sites.

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