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Frontiers Foundation Manitoba’s HOME FUND
(Housing Options for Materials and Education)

The Home Fund allows us to address housing needs in ways that are:

INDEPENDENT: The cost of doing business in the north is higher than in the south.
Seasonal, fiscal, and human resource factors can all affect project outcomes. The
most needy communities are often least able to mobilize the needed resources. Independent funding allows small financial injections to keep projects on track.

INNOVATIVE: We require independent funds for small scale local research and design of construction methods better suited to northern conditions.

RESPONSIVE: Independent funding allows us to respond to family and community needs that fall between the cracks in mandates of government funding guidelines or jurisdictions.

FRONTIERS FOUNDATION welcomes financial, material and voluntary service

Your financial contributions allow us to be independent, innovative and responsive to community need. Undesignated donations (preferred) will be applied where needed most. If you would like your donation to be applied to a specific project please contact our office prior to making the donation so we can ensure that your desired purpose can be ccommodated.

Financial contributions can be made as a one-time or monthly donation by cheque or through the internet site below. All contributions will be gratefully applied to service in support of northern housing and training.

For other planned giving such as material contributions or estate bequests or to volunteer on our work projects, please contact the Frontiers Manitoba Director to make arrangements.

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